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Event 1 Champions League 2022 Brookside GC, Koiner

The start of the 2022 Champions league has begun, proud of the amount of club member participation that occurred at our first event to welcome this new year. RGCA started off with an early welcome party, raffle, group photograph and meet/greet. 


Brookside GC Koiner,  brought on a challenging experience for many and it reminded us that this is a marathon and not a sprint. As you can read the results below many of the members were able to enjoy the course fully, and for some it came out a bit easier to gain top spot. We would like to congratulate our first event winner Brian Esquival with a -7.

RGCA will be taking a small break to enjoy that big game that is happening down at Sofi Stadium, we will be returning to action on February 20th, and playing Santa Anita GC. 

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