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RGCA is in Vegas!, Vegas Baby! One of the first trips that allows many of our members to enjoy some bonding and brotherhood time, as we travel to Rhodes Ranch GC.

Rhodes Ranch GC, was founded in 1997, rated as a 4 star place to play by Golf Digest. Often being seeked out (in search of, quest of, sought after) by many as an Oasis often questioning yourself if your still in Vegas as the course itself is framed around beauty of Nevada red rocks and mountain scenery. 

Finishing in the top 5 for the 6th Event are Marvin Cabot (+2), Hugo Villagrana (+1), Eric Garcia (E), Casey Coyle (-2) and our Champion and Trophy winner Marcel Navarrete (-4). RGCA hopes that all members were able to enjoy a new course opportunity and hope to see you at next event on April 24th at Alhambra GC.  

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