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RGCA is at Los Robles Golf course in Thousand Oaks, CA. This is often one of those noted lengthy single day car drives that takes us to a beautiful place to play some golf. For some that were able to make their way out to this event were able to enjoy some of golf's best amenities all most near private golf club environment. The course its self hugs and caters its self to beautiful hills, some long stretches of fairway and few stop and take in views of the surrounding areas. There 18th hole calls and teases you as you attempt to land your ball on a green surrounded by water and small crowd seating above your head overlooking final few strokes of in your day.

Some of the members that were able to make it look easy today were as follows; tied for 4th place with a score of (+2) Gus Zavala and Mike Yamashita, tied for 2nd place with a score of (-1) are Marvin Cabot and Brian Esquivel and winner of this event with a (-5) Eddie Juaregui.

New improvements have come into play with RGCA, as the league is introducing live scoreboard and has introduce live TV streaming with up to date scores, CP's and money winners as you finish the round, and encourages many to watch the fun and updated scores as they come in.

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