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Club News and Updates

The following is information and expectations for the RGCA Champions league 2023 edition.

This is not the final list, as there will be more information and follow-ups that will come from the board of directors regarding membership, handi-caps, tee time expectations and suggestions which is to create the best experience for all members of our club.

  • Here is an initial list of things to be mindful of for this coming season.

  1. The board is asking all members participating in any golf event regardless of location, to arrive 30 minutes before your tee time. Checking in at the RGCA registration desk should be your priority.

  2. All members who have fees or an issue with past course lateness which incurs a charge to the club; must have this taken care of before participating in another scheduled event with RGCA.

  3. Tardiness/ all members regardless if able to be at course 30 minutes early, must check in at registration table before preparing to play in their group. If your group has hit all first shots and are in carts leaving for the first fairway – you are considered forfeiting RGCA event points, optional bets entry and closest to the pin involvement.

  4. All future payments regarding course fees to RGCA must be through registration form. 

  5. Once you have confirmed during the week that you are playing and made arrangement to prepay or you’re paying at the course, you will be responsible for any fees incurred for not showing up/missing your tee time. Please remember if you pre-paid for an event and you do not show up, you do not receive your money back.

  6. If any member of the club confirms for an event and no shows 2 times, they are potentially in danger of being excluded of further participation and may need approval from board to continue in season events.

  7. playoff qualifications: If you win and Event or make the cut with points. No minimum event required


Count all strokes played for each hole and write total number in each slot. 

 *Circle any Birdies or Eagles (double Circle)

Total all strokes

Make sure you add up all strokes for front 9 and back 9 write it down in designated area/ total score on the right side.


What is written on the card is what will be scored, cards will not be handed back after turned in, if cards are not signed players will be disqualified.


You are able to ask for assistance before turning in cards make sure that you are near if there are questions to written numbers or clarifications. (If your not available scorer will make finalize decision)

Golf Scoring Card Etiquette

Basic Golf Rules;

1. Out of bounds or lost ball: 2 Stroke Penalty- Drop nearest to point of entry onthe fairway. (rule 14.3 USGA)

2. Penalty areas Red and Yellow: Play as it lies or Take a relief outside penalty stroke penalty. (rule 17-19 USGA)


4. Acting with Integrity: Follow rules, applying all penalties, honest with scores.

5. Showing consideration: Playing at a prompt pace. 

Welcome to


All Event Green Fees will not be collected at the course the day of Event. Payments will need to be payed as you register for the Event.

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