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Bird-Eye View Of Golf Course
RGCA Special Events

As part of our Core Values and efforts in engaging not only the people within our club we are also making an effort to influence and promote those same beliefs in our community. RGCA has strived to welcome new members through special tournaments and events by presenting, promoting and engaging others through same examples we strive and seek to find from each member in our club. The Raza family has begun to create opportunities that allows others to see what the club promotes and encourages through gaining membership in a brotherhood that goes further then golf matches or events in a season. RGCA has extended a helping hand to multiple foundations that are impacting, changing and bringing same personal goals and mindfulness that we strive to create within our own organization. We as a whole plan to continue to create, collaborate and work with community organizations that can infuse, build and make a difference in situations that are either lacking attention, needing funding or seeking a voice in a world that others might not be aware. Here you will find activities that promote those fundamental values that we are striving to support and assist within our community.

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